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Flower Healing Power 2-The Asian Gateway Flower Essence

$ 160.00


Flower Healing Power 2-The Asian Gateway Flower Essence

“They cure, not by attacking the disease, but by flooding our bodies with the beautiful vibrations of our Higher Nature, in the presence of which, disease melts away as snow in the sunshine.”


The Asian Flower Essences are Gateway or Transformation Essences. They are opening doors into higher dimensions and rise the consciousness level of people to a deeper spiritual understanding of life.

For the healing of humanity and the world in the critical time of transition, the body and the soul must be treated at the same time. People can only heal if their life is realigned to their true life purpose. The importance of the connection between the body and soul must be understood, because a symptom only appears when the body is no longer in accord with the soul’s path. To heal is to comprehend and interpret the message that the symptom is trying to convey to the individual-not to give the person a pill to swallow that momentarily takes away the pain and “overwrites” the information the soul tries to submit. In this case the misalignment has to find another expression and symptom to convey the message of the disharmony. We have to heal the connection to our soul and then our body will naturally be healthy too.


Katharina Bless介紹

Katharina Bless 是療癒工作者、靈氣導師、占星學家、銀鴿網絡始創人、Soma Center 創辦人,生於瑞士,現居泰國清萊。


直至三十歲時,她已結婚並育有二個兒女,她劇烈的頭痛數星期,並經歷了瀕死,近乎精神崩潰,當她康復過來後,她參加了一個關於死亡的課程,閱遍了Elisabeth Kubler-Ross的書籍,認識一位靈通人士,確證她了她的過往神祕經驗為真實不虛。


1981年起,她開始講授生命與死亡的課程,更進深研究占星學、塔羅、色光治療、水晶治療、超心理學、貝曲花藥,並於瑞士蘇黎世開設治療中心,治療各式的身心疾患。至1992年,她得到感召,遷居泰國,並於1995開始經營Soma Centre 療癒中心及素食餐廳,多年來曾籌辦多次素食、冥想、整全生活的大型會議。

Katharina誠邀你,參與這個世界的轉化,探索、認識內裡的真我和大潛能。關於Katharina Bless請參見