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Edward Bach's System of Diagnosis and Therapy

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Edward Bach's System of Diagnosis and Therapy - Boris C Rodríguez

About the book

Edward Bach stands in the great tradition of brilliant physicians who became increasingly concerned with psychology. His dedication to healing states of mind, rather than treating disease surgically, was informed by revolutionary ideas about medicine. His work brings us closer to a plan, whose scope is not yet fully known, in which thirty-eight flower essences act as catalysts in a wider therapeutic process. Boris Rodriquez adopts and defends Bach's discoveries as a diagnostic and therapeutic system and, with true originality and sympathy, he demonstrates how it can share a common language of standard classification systems - such as the Diagnostic and Statistical Manuals produced by the American Psychiatric Association. 'One need not be a follower of either Dr Bach's or Professor Boris Rodriquez's approach to therapy to appreciate the clinical sensitivity and depth of insight which they bring to the study of personality psychopathology. This should be a useful reference work for both open-minded clinicians and early students in training.' Dr Theodore Millon, The DSM Diagnostic System, Professor Emeritus, Harvard Medical School.

About the Author

Boris C. Rodríguez has degrees in psychology and medical psychology. He pioneered the official introduction of flower therapy to the Ministry of Public Health of Cuba (1997-1999) and participated in devising numerous courses leading to qualifications at the island’s many medical science institutes and faculties (Villa Clara, Holguín, Cienfuegos, Matanzas and Ciego de Avila). He has published several highly relevant texts including Terapia Floral y Estimulación Psiconsensorial en el niño con deficiencia psíquica [Flower Therapy and Psychosensorial Stimulation in Psychically Deficient Children] (2001) and Inteligencia Emocional y Flores de Bach, tipos de personalidad en psicologia contemporánea [Emotional Intelligence and Bach Flowers, personality types in modern psychology] (2005), written jointly with Ricardo Orozco and translated into Italian (2007).

He is a professor of research methodology at the Faculty of Psychology of the Central University of Las Villas which offers the Diploma in the Diagnostic and Therapeutic System of Edward Bach (2007) and is its principal professor. With a group of psychologists,
physicians and students he has recently founded the Cuban Scientific Group for Research into the Diagnostic and Therapeutic System of Edward Bach: GC-Bach.