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花藥DVD4- 七種輔助療劑

$ 100.00


本精美光碟由貝曲花藥專家 Julian Barnard (貝曲醫師的第四代傳人)製作,介紹的七種花藥植物包括:荊豆 (Gorse)、橡樹(Oak)、石南(Heather)、巖水(Rock Water)、葡萄(Vine)、橄欖(Olive)、野燕麥(Wild Oat)。

制式DVD PAL,4:3,26分鐘。

For Dr Bach there were clear patterns that form as we deal with life’s problems. Mental and emotional states which become a part of us, obscuring the simplicity of childhood. These are the Seven Helpers: Gorse, Oak, Heather, Roc, Water, Vine, Olive and Wild Oat.

An English language film with Spanish subtitles.

DVD PAL, 4:3 format, 26 mins