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花藥DVD3- 十二基礎療劑

$ 100.00

The Twelve Healers DVD

「這片DVD光碟是大師之作,每個花藥植物的短片,絕美的畫面、音樂、旁白,優雅的楺合起來。祖利安 班納製作的影片裡,可見他的真知睿見,言簡意駭,是花藥世界裡罕見的。人類經驗所呈現的大自然生命,非常清晰,獨特又叫人感到謙卑。十二個花藥的禮讚,精緻細描,一看再看,其中的療愈信息不繼展現。放下,靜心,浸潤在其色光影裡,就彷似植物精靈給你的治療。每當我們觀看每棵植物,置身於其自然環境中,我們會醒覺到,這個世界裡,萬物相契合,沒有分離。潤澤心田,非單植物本身,乃她所處身的整個自然生態。我們的記憶恢復了,人類不能離開自然,花朵提示了人類既脆弱又強壯,花朵灌注了生命的熱忱。對我作為花藥的服用者、治療師、導師,和大自然植物的愛好者,這片DVD是一份大禮物,是自大衛愛德堡《植物的神秘生命》以來,我最愛的植物電影。」 斯菲雅 艾菲斯

這片光碟,由貝曲花藥(巴哈花精)大師祖利安 班納製作,包含十二種基礎花藥的小電影,每段約三分鐘,並加插有貝曲中心第三代花藥製作人Nickie Murray的珍貴錄音,描述每種花藥的特性。

“This DVD is a masterpiece, each film touching us with breathtaking synthesis of beauty in picture, sound and thought – and clever too! Few in the Essences world demonstrate the depth of knowledge, insight and understanding that Julian Barnard portrays here, simply yet profoundly. The clarity of how nature expresses her life through human experience is exquisite and humbling. View any of the First Twelve vignettes again and again, and the healing messages continue to unfold. Just immersing oneself in any of the Twelve becomes a healing contact with that plant’s consciousness. As we observe each whole plant in its setting, we are reminded that nothing in life occurs in isolation. We can see it is not the flowers alone that help us, rather their life force within their complete natural setting. So also we can remember that we humans are not separate from nature, and that the flowers can show us frailties and strengths of human nature, instill compassion for life. The Twelve Healers DVD is a gift to me as teacher, Remedy practitioner and user, and as a lover of Earth’s plant realm. My favourite plant film since David Attenborough’s ‘Secret Life of Plants’. ” Cynthia Alves